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Chagford Gospel Church, formerly "Ebenezer Gospel Hall", is Chagford’s oldest surviving non-conformist place of worship. The church has been in existence since 1864, over 155 years of worship. Its original name "Ebenezer" is from 1 Samuel 7v12 : "Ebenezer' the stone of help… This far as the Lord helped us".


According to the deeds, the "Bible Christians" originally used the premises as a place of worship. Then on the 12th June 1873, the premises was divided making the schoolrooms adjoining the chapel into a cottage. In 1915, The United Methodist took over from the Bible Christians who subsequently moved to a building in Mill Street (now owned by Helpful Holidays). Two members bought the Chapel in 1935 stressing that it should continue to be used for Christian worship in line with the Holy Scriptures. In 1976 the property was handed over in trust to its members to continue be run as a Christian place of worship as it has been to this day.


In 1998,  a lot of modernising refurbishment was carried out on the Chapel including the addition of a kitchen and bathroom, an underfloor heating system and the removal of the pews from downstairs. At this time, the name of the Chapel was changed to Chagford Gospel Church and continues to be a thriving place of worship to this day.

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